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Our Previous Puppies

Previous buyers of our puppies occasionally share photos of their dogs with us. Here are some of them to give you an idea of what our puppies will look like someday. From birth, the patches will stay the same but the shading of the ticking will vary from very dark to vary light and this will usually become evident by 4 weeks of age.

This ticking is much darker. In GSPs, this darker ticking with little white showing is called "ROAN."


She has much larger patches and less ticking.


This is Baron, enjoying a day in the field. Notice how his ticking is much lighter and how he shows up so well in the field.


This is Remi. She has fewer patches. She is very beautiful.

Mozley Blaze

Mozley shows in this breathtaking photo just how stunning he is! He is very photogenic and fortunately gets plenty of practice posing in front of the camera. Mozley's owner is a photographer.