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Field Dog Training in Michigan

Bill is available for PRIVATE Field Training Lessons with "YOU" and your bird dog(s) aged 3 months and older. We train all breeds of bird dogs (pointers, flushers or retreivers) with their owners; training hundreds of gun dogs each year on live birds year-round. Ideally we recommend our monthly lessons starting at 3 months and you will have your dog gun broke at 6 months. This will offer the quickest method and prevents the most common problems with short and fun daily lessons at home.

Whether you have a young puppy who needs basic training or an older dog who needs some work, Bill will be able to help you. He is wonderful with the dogs and does NOT use any NEGATIVE training tactics that may cause harmful side effects. He believes in positive training and getting your puppy/dog to respond with love, affection and of course EXCITEMENT ABOUT THE LIVE BIRDS!! You will not be disappointed in the results! Whatever your goal; a fine hunting companion, hunt tests or field trials, email now to schedule a lesson with Bill.


Common Training Issues

The three most common problems we see are owners who introduce loud noises without live birds,  gun breaking before 6 months of age or negative training tactics which turn a more reserved dog off. Another common problem is too much repetition and then the dog loses interest. Bill will teach "YOU"  HOW-TO  keep it short, fun and easy with 15 minute lessons at home. The live birds keep the dog interested, and while at home, Bill will provide fresh wings for your daily scent training lessons. If you cannot spend 15 minutes a day with your bird dog, you should not own a bird dog. They are a sporting breed and will require time, exercise and attention. Your dog will quickly learn how to find the birds in the fields,  point or flush the birds and retrieve the birds to you, too. After that it is practice on live birds that will make a GREAT bird dog!

Bill Shows "YOU" the Way

We find that most mistakes in the field are handler errors and so we show "YOU" how to prevent themost common errors or correct the bad habits. While here, Bill will get your dog on live birds and show "YOU" and your bird dog what to do to be successful in the fields or woods as a hunting team.  This is a TRAIN-THE TRAINER program where he teaches "YOU" how to train your own dog at home in between lessons. No two dogs are the same. The process that worked before with a previous dog may backfire on the next dog because they have differnt temperaments. With hundreds of dogs every year, Bill knows how to read each dog individually.  The lessons are completely PRIVATE and are one-hour long per dog and owner. Each lesson is focused attention on your specific needs and skills that may need fine tuning at that time. If you are experiencing problems, or better yet, to AVOID problems, let Bill show you what you should or should NOT do. If your dog is older Bill is here to help you and them as well, but it may take longer to undo problems rather than prevent them in the first place. He will train one-on-one with you and your four-legged hunting partner to help develop them into the bird dog that you desire.

Training Fees and Details

The best way to see if Private Field Training lessons are worthwhile for you, is to come for a PRIVATE lesson and see for yourself. Most bird dog owners cannot wait to come back after just one lesson!

Each PRIVATE lesson is $50 an hour fee, plus the training birds used. This averages $100 per lesson, (less for puppies and more for gun breaking birds when older due to the number of birds used).

  • The appointments are at your convenience and we are very flexible.
  • Come as little or as often as you would like.
  • Bill is available  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • He offers WEEKDAY PRIVATE LESSONS: sun-up until sun-down. 
  • NO WEEKEND TRAINING LESSONS because of our weekend hunts. 
  • We do NOT offer any dog boarding at our facilities due to the limitations of Sylvan Township.
  • Please contact us at to schedule a PRIVATE LESSON.