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Gamebird Preserve in Michigan

We are very blessed to live on 100 acres of beautiful family-owned land in Chelsea, Michigan. We are conveniently located just minutes from I-94, approximately 15 miles west of Ann Arbor. The land's terrain is GREAT... with rolling hills and thickets. It is partially wooded with some swampland and numerous "Upland Prairie Fields." There are ponds and a small stream for your dogs to utilize, as well ... a little bit of everything! We look forward to sharing our piece of paradise with you and your dogs for your PRIVATE field dog training needs. We are not flat farm fields, the terrain and cover are beautiful and unique. Come experience it for yourself. It will offer the various grounds and challenges that Upland Hunters are looking for to exercise and train their dogs. We have easier open fields for beginners and younger dogs or rougher and thicker terrain for a more challenging experience. Let us know what you prefer for your dog's age, condition and experience and yours, too! We are are certain you will have a FANTASTIC TIME!

Gamebird Preserve

Cover Conditions

We worked with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Pheasants Forever to provide high quality wildlife habitat by developing upland habitat areas on our property for many years to come. We have planted many fields of upland prairie grasses for years, as we restored the habitat for wildlife conservation. Our grass fields are a Pheasant Forever mix of Big Blue Stem, Little Blue Stem, Switchgrass and "5" different wildflowers. We have signed 10 year contracts, that plots of land will be for HABITAT RENOVATION and will NOT be farmed. We have invested an enormous amount of time and money into our land and we are sure that you will see the difference.

Birds and Seasons

We carry Chukar Partridge YEAR-ROUND for your dog training needs. The Pheasant will not be available year-round due to DNR limitations.  The species will change with the seasons for regulation sake. Because we do NOT raise our birds, our prices and availability may vary due to what is available from our bird suppliers and the national bird supply. If possible, birds will be available YEAR-ROUND for your training needs.

  • Pheasant Season is from from August 15 through April 30 ONLY.
  • Chukar Partridge can be taken YEAR-ROUND on any DNR licensed preserve.
  • Dogs may be trained on Chukar Partridge YEAR-ROUND.
Gamebird Preserve

Rules and Regulations

A Michigan Small Game License is NO LONGER REQUIRED on PRESERVES for Michigan and non-Michigan hunters!

Hunting preserves are regulated in Michigan by the Michigan DNR. Please follow the rules for the safety of not only you, but your safety and the hunting dogs, too.

  • Hunter Orange is required in the fields for safety while live ammunition is being used
  • We recommend #6 shells, as well as sturdy hiking boots and proper field attire for the weather
  • No alcohol before or during any field time while anyone is carrying a weapon
  • Bird cleaning is NO LONGER available

BIRD PRICES - As of June 1, 2018

  • Pheasant - $25 each - 50/50 mix - $2 extra for all Roosters
  • Chukar Partridge - $17 each (available year round for training)