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GSP Litters from Colonial Farms LLC

IMPORTANT: As of January 2018, we are NO LONGER BREEDING GSPs. We enjoyed breeding German Shorthaired Pointers for 15 years. Unfortunately, due to PARENT CARE-TAKING ROLES for the upcoming years, we have decided that it was best to RETIRE as BREEDERS in January 2018. Although the following information no longer applies, I will leave it on this page to allow others to see how we did things for 15 years. It may be helpful for comparison's sake when shopping for your next new puppy.



All puppies are born deaf and blind and do not open their eyes or start to walk until they are almost 2 weeks old! As sporting dogs, their tails are docked and their dewclaws removed at 3 days old, to prevent injuries in the field and brush. Notice the beautiful solid liver (brown) heads and variations in their markings at birth. Their patches will remain the same from birth, but each puppy will be unique as they mature.

2nd block

GSP puppies are born white and patched liver, but soon the white areas will fill in with various shades of "ticking" (a pretty speckled design). Some ticking will be lighter and some darker as they grow. Notice our litter below at only 4 weeks old, the ticking is evident in various shades. The shades of ticking will differ at maturity. They are eating dry dog food by 4 weeks of age as they are weaned from their mother. We put different color collars on them as soon as they are able to stand up, so that we can identify them easier. We pay close attention to them daily as we learn their distinct personality differences, which are already forming by 4 weeks. We will know that "SPECIAL ONE" that you are looking for!

3rd block

Our puppies are very well socialized and they are raised IN OUR HOME. We all look forward to puppy time at our home, Family, Friends, neighbors and hunting customers are all happy to come by to visit and play with the puppies. Our puppies have great loving personalities and make wonderful house dogs. We attribute this not only to our breeding program, but also to all of all the attention they receive as puppies in our home. Shown here is our son, Christopher.

4th block

Our puppies have natural hunting instincts bred into them and are pointing pheasant wings ... before 8 weeks of age! Make sure we show you this, when you come to pick up YOUR puppy ... and don't forget to bring the camera, as we are sure you will want a photo of this memorable event!